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ClearConnex Joins Xact Technology’s OpenM2M Ecosystem

ClearComm platform now available on Xact’s development boards and devices; enables developers to bring M2M solutions to market faster, more easily, and at lower cost

Research Triangle Park, NC, June 15, 2011 - ClearConnex Inc. a wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) device engineering company, and Xact Technology, LLC, an innovator in the GPS, Location-Based Services (LBS) and M2M industries, announce that ClearConnex’s ClearComm Platform is now available for Xact’s development board and Xact Trax tracking device.  

ClearConnex is an engineering services company focused on device development whose licensable software platform, ClearComm, gives customers the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost effectiveness of an off-the-shelf product.  ClearComm provides an application layer on top of the device that allows customers to focus on building their core applications so that they are not starting their product development from scratch.  ClearComm’s design allows the customer to leverage ClearConnex’s expertise in wireless development — which is embedded in the platform — and combined with ClearConnex’s engineering services, speeds the development process, thus reducing risks, costs and delays.  

Xact Technology offers OpenM2M, an open-architecture ecosystem of hardware, software, data network and portal offerings, combined to offer end-to-end M2M solutions.  The centerpiece of OpenM2M is the Xact development board — a powerful hardware platform that integrates a high-performance and flexible processor, GSM transceiver, GPS engine, PTCRB and FCC certifications, and plenty of expansion ports to allow customers to add their own sensors.  Xact also offers Xact Trax, a prepackaged portable GPS tracking device.

The product-integration partnership between Xact and ClearConnex brings several important benefits to wireless application developers: 

  • The combination of Xact’s hardware and ClearComm software delivers off-the-shelf affordability while offering from-scratch customization.
  • With ClearConnex’s hardware-independent protocol, any server that ClearComm supports now also supports Xact’s products.  When Xact Technology integrates the ClearComm protocol into its server platform, it will run with any custom-built hardware designed by ClearConnex.
  • Xact‘s open architecture is easily expandable with add-on boards for increased functionality. ClearConnex will adapt both its current plug-in hardware cards and new cards that will be available later this summer to support Xact’s expansion capabilities.
Ryan Rangel, ClearConnex’s CTO, explains, “What’s really powerful is that the combination of the ClearConnex’s engineering services, the ClearComm platform with Xact’s hardware provides an off-the-shelf solution that can integrate with customer products at a fraction of the price of developing a board with software from scratch.”
“Xact’s value proposition is we allow customers to start any project ahead of the game without needing to re-invent the wheel.  ClearComm helps advance that cause by giving customers an additional level of customizability and adaptability,” said Michael G. Levine, Xact Technology’s President. “We are very pleased that ClearConnex chose Xact’s products as a foundation to build on.”

About ClearConnex

ClearConnex provides wireless hardware, software, and engineering services for companies who must meet aggressive time-to-market schedules for wireless device applications. ClearConnex offers a proven set of licensable software and hardware products as customizable building blocks. This approach combines the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost-effectiveness of off-the-shelf solutions.

About Xact Technology, LLC

Xact Technology is a solutions provider for the GPS tracking, LBS, and M2M industries.  Xact Technology enables wireless innovation by integrating best-in-class hardware, open software, tier-1 network connectivity, and a choice of data management tools to reduce the complexity, cost, and time required to bring new M2M applications to market.  Xact is based in New York City and is a portfolio company of DMC Capital Funding.

About DMC Capital Funding, LLC

DMC Capital Funding is a privately held growth equity firm, serving companies in the consumer and enterprise technology sectors. Beyond capital, DMC Capital Funding brings to its investments wide-ranging experience, deep industry expertise, and an assortment of value-added business services. Founded on a 50-year heritage in technology, product development, marketing, sales, and financing, DMC Capital Funding makes private equity investments work better.  DMC Capital Funding is a part of the DMC group of companies. For more information, call 212.779.8400 or visit www.dmccapitalfunding.com.


For more information, contact:

Manuel Zepeda
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Michael Levine
President, Xact Technology
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