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Beyond Capital.

DMC Capital Funding is a privately held growth equity firm.

Serving companies primarily in consumer-facing technology sectors, we provide timely growth capital to help them blaze new market trails and reach higher levels of success.

But we offer more value than just capital: We provide a platform for growth — a firm foundation comprising capital, technology, business infrastructure, and value-added services. Through this winning combination, we make private equity investments work better.

  • DMC Capital Funding is part of the DMC group of companies — companies with 50 years’ experience in digital media, technology, consumer product development, global sourcing, supply-chain management, and more. Our portfolio companies gain access to this rich legacy.
  • Our extensive expertise spans a number of industries — including social software, consumer electronics, portable media, and telecommunications; we also know a lot about how to build and launch products, enter new markets, and forge partnerships.
  • We can supply the resources that drive success — from marketing and advertising to technical support and customer service — all from our home-grown, world-class business infrastructure.
  • By leveraging our platform, we can reduce capital investments. The funding is more effective because it’s now an investment in growth — not in paying to re-invent the wheel.
  • As a result, our portfolio companies reach their goals faster. And their value goes up.

Discover how we invest and learn about our team. Explore our portfolio. Then contact us to see how we can help you grow.