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Our Portfolio

We’ve made numerous investments; some are passive, others have us more involved. Here we highlight three companies that have taken full advantage of DMC Capital Funding’s wealth of resources — from strategic guidance to day-to-day operational expertise.

Copia Interactive, LLC
Copia unites content, community and commerce in a single software platform to deliver digital media across an array of computing, mobile, personal entertainment, and eReading devices.

Xact Technology, LLC
Xact sells peace of mind. Its Xact|Trax portable GPS tracking solution lets individuals and businesses keep an eye on children, pets, or elderly parents, and track equipment, vehicles, or other valuable assets.

Cocoon Innovations, LLC
Cocoon makes places where the technological extensions of our lives and work can be kept safe and organized. Its hallmark product is GRID-IT, an internal organization system that allows users to customize and reconfigure the interior arrangement as their needs and cargo evolve.