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Copia’s Anthony Antolino to Speak at Untethered 2010 on the Importance of Social Media on Publishing Industry

A look into how community impacts consumption habits and purchasing decisions

New York, NY, US – June 17, 2010  –  Copia Interactive, an independent company and part of the DMC Worldwide family of companies, has announced that Anthony Antolino, Senior Vice President of Copia Interactive, the first social eReading and content delivery platform, will be speaking about the importance of social media in publishing at the Untethered 2010 conference in NY today.

His speech, on Thursday, June 17 at 3:55 p.m. EDT at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center, is part of Untethered 2010, the first large-scale forum to focus exclusively on profitable media in the tablet era.

Copia (TheCopia.com) is the world’s first community driven social eReading experience. Strategically developed to combine content, community and commerce, Copia is a hardware agnostic platform solution that is accessible from the myriad of today’s most coveted devices, including smartphones, pads, tablets, PC’s eReaders, and the like.  The Copia platform leverages proprietary community and collaboration features while also enabling users to seamlessly connect with their existing friends on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“The Copia social media and content delivery platform has transformed the way content is purchased and consumed,” Antolino said. “Copia is not only focused on helping users find and purchase content that is important and relevant to them in the most effective and efficient way, but moreover, is focused on the experience a user has after they purchased their content.  Copia users have the ability to share in the experiences the content provides, as they happen.  Until now, there has not been a holistic content solution that focused on both pre-sale and post sale experiences.”

In addition, Copia's parent company DMC Worldwide, will launch a complete line of content consumption devices which are powered by Copia and provide a rich and immersive user experience that is unlike anything currently available in the market. 

About Untethered 2010

Presented by The Big Money, Untethered 2010 is the first conference dedicated to understanding how digital media is being redefined in the tablet era.  Untethered 2010 will be the first large-scale forum to focus exclusively on profitable media in the tablet era – an era in which millions of Americans own Kindles and consumers and developers are waiting to see if the iPad will indeed bring revolutionary changes to the marketplace.

Top executives representing the broad array of industries and business sectors that influence the digital media market will be on-hand to discuss topics like:  "Challenging the Kindle and the iPad,"“Meet the Apps,” and “Advertising in the Tablet Era,” a session exploring the varying business models for digital content on mobile devices.  Untethered 2010 will offer unparalleled networking and learning opportunities while providing first-hand exposure to the visionaries and technologies driving this quickly evolving market. 

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