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Copia’s Anthony Antolino to Address the Connected World Conference on the Future of Monetizing Content Consumption

Platform agnostic social eReader labeled industry standard at world’s leading end-to end machine show

Chicago, IL, US – June 16, 2010  –  Anthony Antolino, Senior Vice President of Copia Interactive (TheCopia.com), the first social eReading and content delivery platform, will be presenting the keynote speech at the Connected World Conference on Thursday, June 17 in Chicago, IL at the McCormick Place Convention Center at 8:30 a.m.  The speech will focus on how to drive revenue in the connected device marketplace and the future of content consumption and social interaction.  

The Copia social eReading platform balances community, ecommerce and consumer connections through content such as books, newspapers, magazines and video across popular consumer digital touchpoints such as Web, desktop, multi-touch tablet, eReader, iPhone®/iPad™ and Android™-based smartphones and devices.

"The Copia platform will be a transformational offering that will fundamentally change the way that consumers interact with media. It will empower readers to share thoughts, ideas, recommendations and content mid-sentence with peers in a way that no other reading experience has," Antolino said. "Copia has been designed to enable anyone using any platform on any device to interact with it. Our idea to create a platform agnostic product has content producers quickly adopting our software as the industry standard for social media content driven experiences."

Recognizing the future potential of Copia, Connected World Magazine, the go-to magazine for upwardly mobile professionals interested in staying ahead of emerging technologies, trends, and business, will be distributed digitally exclusively through the Copia platform and will be available starting in July.

About Connected World Conference

The Connected World Conference is the world’s leading end-to-end machine show, featuring exhibitors showcasing the leading consumer products and business-to-business solutions, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the most innovative connected devices on the market today. Attendees include industry leaders, managers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and urban professionals interested in learning, sharing, and presenting their ideas and vision about the future of technology.

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