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Blaze Books Offers Exclusive Glenn Beck "Author's Cut"
Fans Can Read-Along-With-Beck in Margins of Agenda 21 eBook

New York, NY, November 22, 2012  –  Copia, the leading social eReading platform and web site, and its partner site, Blaze Books today announced that bestselling author Glenn Beck will annotate his new novel, Agenda 21, and make his comments available to Blaze Books readers. Through this commentary, Beck will create an "author's cut" of the book that offers readers a unique window into the making of this futuristic novel.

This exclusive "author's cut" of Agenda 21, which goes on sale today, is available at Blaze Books (blaze.thecopia.com) and Copia (www.thecopia.com). Starting on Monday, November 26, anyone who has purchased Agenda 21 from either site, will be able to access comments posted by both Beck and his co-author Harriett Parke in the margins of the eBook. For five consecutive days, fans will be able to "read-along" as the authors add more comments each day.

Readers will be fascinated as the two writers explain the thinking behind their action-packed futuristic thriller about a mysterious UN-led program that gives rise to a radical new state called "the Republic" that replaces America.

"Agenda 21 is the perfect novel to annotate because it's the type of book we call 'faction'--a completely fictional story that's based in fact," said Kevin Balfe, Senior VP of Publishing for Mercury Radio Arts, Beck's production company. "Through their notes, Glenn and Harriet are able to highlight the plot elements that are true while also explaining where the inspiration for various scenes came from. We think it's an extremely compelling addition to the reading experience for fans."

"We are thrilled to have a writer of Glenn's stature take advantage of our technology to bring his fans an amazing new reading experience," said Ben Lowinger, Copia SVP. "We think the ability to make comments and have threaded discussions inside an eBook is perfect for Glenn's passionate audience. We look forward to Blaze Books readers commenting in any and every eBook."

The Copia eReader app, available free to anyone, allows readers to make their own comments in the margins of the eBook. Users can either share their notes or keep them private. Other readers can respond to shared notes. This allows for threaded, contextual conversations inside the eBook.

Agenda 21 can be found at this link: blaze.thecopia.com/catalog/details.html?catId=13701423

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