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Copia Brings the Footnote and Jane Austen Into the 21st Century with First - Ever Contextually Annotated eBooks 
Free Editions of "Pride and Prejudice" and Bestseller "Automatic Diet," Plus "The Quotable Rogue"

New York, NY, September 27, 2011  –  Copia Interactive, LLC, Demonstrating a way for authors and publishers to make old books new again by adding fresh, relevant content, Copia (www.thecopia.com), the innovative social eReading platform and website, announced today that it is giving away two exclusive annotated eBooks: Pride and Prejudice, annotated by Jane Austen scholar Susan Fraiman, and The Diet Detective's Automatic Diet, by Dr. Charles Platkin. And for readers transfixed by Joe McGinness's controversial portrait of Sarah Palin in The Rogue, Copia offers a specially annotated look at another side of Palin in The Quotable Rogue by Matt Lewis. 

Anyone using Copia's free eReader will be able to enjoy new entries that appear in the margins of each eBook, side-by-side with the original text. Automatic Diet (Diversion) readers will find links to new strategies, statistics, and clarifications (not every workout needs to be 60 minutes long), as well as recipes and calorie reality checks. 

Pride and Prejudice (Copia Editions) contains 150 entertaining and enlightening annotations by Professor Fraiman that celebrate and clarify the Austen classic and demonstrates a wholly new way for students to learn and professors to teach. 

And in the fast-changing world of the 24-hour news-cycle, the Copia version of The Quotable Rogue (Thomas Nelson) showcases a way for authors to update their books and give them more context in the face of current events by featuring post-publication commentary by conservative pundit Matt Lewis.

"We invite all authors, agents and publishers to use Copia's annotations as a simple, fast way to provide added value to their books without going through the onerous publishing process," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive, LLC. "Our platform lets writers take new relevant information and quickly attach it to an existing book. By utilizing Copia technology Dr. Platkin and Matt Lewis have made their books more useful, more timely and more interactive, while the annotated Pride and Prejudice takes a 200 year old book and not only puts it in a historical context, but also creates a new forum for literary criticism and debate."

"I'm very excited about joining with Copia and using their technology to celebrate this wonderful novel with a new audience," said Fraiman, a professor at the University of Virginia. "The goal of my commentary is to be both substantial and accessible, and to convey to students why Austen continues to matter two centuries after the appearance of her first book."

The short URL to The Automatic Diet is goo.gl/rleN4

The short URL to the Copia Editions of Pride and Prejudice is goo.gl/t7fpf.

The short URL to The Quotable Rogue is goo.gl/9JmtI.

Visit www.thecopia.com to learn more.

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Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President