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Author Matt Lewis Utilizes Copia to Give Readers Exclusive Notes, Thoughts on "Quotable Rogue" Directly in their eReader
Copia's eReading platform creates a conversation in the margins of eBooks

Allows authors to identify, congregate and grow their readership base by interacting with fans, followers and readers

New York, NY, August 15, 2011  –  Copia Interactive, LLC, Copia – the first social eReading platform – announced that author Matt Lewis's book "The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words," is now available for purchase with his exclusive notes and additional insight directly in the margins of the eBook.

Copia, a content, commerce and community-based e-reading solution available as a free app or download on most digital devices, allows users to purchase eBooks and create online book clubs for readers and authors as well as share thoughts, notes and ideas on their personalized Copia homepage and directly in the margins of their eBook.

"Readers interested in fresh and exclusive insight into Sarah Palin can log-on to Copia, download Matt Lewis's book and instantly get insider information right from the author in the margins of their eBook," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive LLC. "Not only do they have access to Matt's notes, but they can leave comments for others, create conversations and meet new people right in the pages of his eBook."

For readers, they can meet new people online with similar reading habits, create online book clubs and interact directly with authors and friends in the margins of the eBook. For authors, they can use Copia to identify, congregate, maintain and grow their readership base by interacting with fans, followers and readers.

"As a new digital resource for publishers and authors, we think Copia – which is Facebook meets an online book club – is going to create a new movement in eReading," Lowinger said. "For authors, it's a way to attract more readers by giving them exclusive access they wouldn't get in a hardback book and to identify and maintain their fans and readers for future books. For publishers, it's a new resource to directly reach out to consumers and increase book sales."

About Copia Interactive
COPIA is part of the DMC group of companies.  COPIA is a social media and content delivery platform that brings together content, community and commerce to create an environment where users collaborate, socialize and buy content that is important to them.  COPIA is the first social reading platform that is entirely community driven.  COPIA is accessible across all digital devices and platforms including Mac, PC, Android, notebooks, netbooks, iPads, tablets and smartphones.  COPIA OEM solutions are available for partners who want to benefit from the value of COPIA's social commerce engine.  For more information please visit http://www.thecopia.com.

Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President