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Press Release

Copia Makes Content Consumption Social 
Partnership Between Copia and Brazilian eCommerce Leader 
Provides Users with First-of-its-Kind Solution to Acquire, Enjoy, 
and Share Wide Range of Digital Media on Multiple Devices

New York, NY, January 10, 2012  –  Copia Interactive, LLC, creator of one of the largest, independent, full-featured digital content platforms, announced today the launch of The Submarino Digital Club in Brazil. The Submarino Digital Club is a fully localized version of the Copia platform for Brazilian audiences, with features and functions tailored to Brazil’s culture and lifestyle. 

Copia is a single software platform that unites content, community, collaboration, and commerce to deliver digital content across an array of devices. It is the only platform designed to provide a single portal to all of a users' digital content and social activity, creating a unified experience unrivaled in the market. In addition to Tier-1 content availability, Copia users enjoy a richer experience and deeper engagement with content and community, driving greater consumption — and greater revenues for Copia and its partners.

"Brazil is a vibrant market", states Andrew Lowinger, CEO of Copia Interactive, "and we’re delighted to work with Submarino to bring the power of sharing and a new way to read and discuss books". "This is the future of publishing", he adds.

The Submarino Digital Club was first demonstrated at the 15th Book Biennial, held in September 2011 in Rio De Janeiro. Brazil's premiere book-related event, the Biennial is a cultural program and exhibition featuring hundreds of publishers, bookstores, and distributors, with an attendance of over 700,000. The event, sponsored by Submarino, was a natural venue for the partnership debut.

To strengthen the Brazilian launch, Copia will engage the credibility and influence of online personalities. These brand ambassadors — readers and bloggers involved with the universe of books, social networking, and sharing — will represent a particular market segment for Copia. Working with Copia's local team, their mission is to attract new customers to the platform and establish it as an influential and reliable source of literature in Brazil.

A Single Portal to Digital Content and Social Activity
Copia is the first platform to seamlessly merge social media and digital content, with features such as a digital bookstore with a vast content catalog, note-taking and sharing, group chat, online book clubs, library comparison, activity feeds, unique self-publishing  tools, user recommendations, a proprietary community value system, and more. Copia users enjoy a singular, wholly shareable on-line experience — all their media, all their friends, all in one application. 

Copia is a self-contained social network that links to existing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well, so users can easily share content across major social networks and connect with others with similar tastes and interests.

Copia is a hardware-neutral platform: multiple devices offer the same content experience, and users can choose their own hardware. Users can access content on all their devices, and Copia keeps everything up to date through the cloud. Copia is available now on a multiplicity of devices, including desktop readers, iPad, Windows 7 touch, Android tablets, and the Blackberry Playbook.

Custom White-Label Offering for a Global Market 
Copia Interactive provides its platform in a highly customizable "Powered by Copia" white-label solution. The company's partners gain an innovative platform to engage their customers, with speed to market, tailored to a specific locale. The company works closely with its partners to extract maximum advantage from content, tools, and markets.

Copia's localized interfaces — with wording and functionality geared to each locality — enable multi-lingual user experiences, for richer and deeper interactions with content and community (including  eCommerce in multiple countries as well as international licensing of content). As well as English, Copia is available in Spanish (for Mexico, Spain, and Latin America) and Brazilian Portuguese.

Copia is rapidly expanding its global footprint, targeting markets with high adoption of social networks and digital media, such as Brazil. With its customizable white-label platform, Copia will accelerate the already phenomenal global growth of social media, bringing a transformative consumer experience to the world.

About Submarino
Submarino (www.submarino.com.br) is a portfolio brand of B2W (www.b2winc.com), a leading multi-channel retailer in Brazil. Featuring over 700,00 items in 29 different product categories — from books to online services — Submarino is a top eCommerce portal for Brazil’s highly connected consumers. Submarino also offers outsourced eCommerce services for consumer-product companies. 

The Submarino Digital Club (submarino.thecopia.com) is a fully localized version of Copia for Brazilian audiences, with features and functions tailored to Brazil’s culture and lifestyle. The Submarino Digital Club offers its members the new experience of collaborative consumption, made more compelling because it is local and contextually rich.

About Copia Interactive
Copia (www.thecopia.com) unites content, community, collaboration, and commerce in a single software platform to deliver multi-genre digital media across an array of computing, mobile, personal entertainment, and eReading devices. With Copia, users engage more deeply with content and community through an innovative, rich, and unified interface — all their media, all their friends, all in one application. Copia also provides highly customized, co-branded, white-label solutions through its "Powered by Copia" program.

The Copia platform is developed by Copia Interactive, LLC — a portfolio company of DMC Capital Funding, LLC (www.dmccapitalfunding.com), the venture capital arm of the DMC group of companies. The DMC group comprises top enterprise and consumer technology companies with a heritage that spans more than 50 years' investing in, developing, manufacturing, and distributing market-leading consumer-electronics products. 

Copia is exhibiting at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas at booth 11612 in the Central Hall.

Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President