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Copia Celebrates Bob Dylan's 70th Birthday With a Free eBook Giveaway of "Revolution in the Air"

New York, New York – May 24, 2011  –  Copia Interactive, LLC (Copia), As rock and roll legend Bob Dylan celebrates turning 70 today, Copia (www.thecopia.com), the groundbreaking social eReading platform and web site, is honoring the event with a gift to fans of the American Icon. 

Starting Tuesday, May 24 and continuing through June 6, Dylan fans will be able to visit the website and download Revolution in the Air, noted Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin's comprehensive, 446-page, song-by-song guide to Dylan's work from 1957–1973.

"We wanted to do something fun for readers and fans that would pay tribute to one of America's greatest songwriters and a true cultural legend," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive, LLC. "Bob Dylan deserves to be studied and discussed, and we thought that Clinton Heylin's book would be a great way to pay tribute to the work and the man.  Whether you are a casual fan or obsessive one, the book offers a wonderful way to appreciate his songs."

Organized chronologically by the dates the songs were written, "Revolution in the Air" offers a combination of in-depth research from the world's leading Dylan biographer, as well as insightful commentary and critical opinions. 

Dylan fans will be able to express and share their own opinions about the songs and the book by using Copia's unique annotation features, which will allow readers to make notes on the book and share them with other readers of Revolution in the Air.

"We think this is a terrific book for Copia readers to interact with. They can share their own thoughts about Dylan's work and about Heylin's interpretations. We look forward to reading lively debates in the margins of the book," said Seth Kaufman, Copia's VP of Merchandising and Marketing.  

The link to Revolution in the Air is http://www.thecopia.com/catalog/details.html?catId=8665777.  For Twitter, use http://tinyurl.com/3bpc9j7. Users must click the "Buy this Book" button to ensure they receive their free download.

Visit www.thecopia.com to learn more.

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