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Copia Offers Exclusive Free Author's Edition eBook, Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb, Annotated by George Rabasa  

New York, New York – May 24, 2011  –  Copia, the groundbreaking social eReading platform and web site, today announced a week long giveaway of George Rabasa's darkly comic new novel, Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb, in a special Author's Edition that showcases the eBookstore's unique annotation functionality.

Starting Tuesday, May 24 and continuing through May 30, fans of literary fiction can visit Copia's website (www.thecopia.com) and download Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb (Unbridled Books), Rabasa's new novel about two disturbed teenagers that examines love, obsession, and the thin line that sometimes divides sanity and psychosis.

The Author's Edition demonstrates Copia's unique note-sharing feature that allows users – whether they are authors or readers – to annotate their eBooks and then share those notes with anyone who owns a Copia version of the same title.  For this edition, award-winning author Rabasa has added a variety of comments about the novel, how it developed, choices he made writing it, and more. Readers can see the annotations as they make their way through the book, or they can choose to read the book in its original form.

"Copia eBooks give readers more, thanks to our note sharing capability and our online groups and discussions," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive, LLC. "We are grateful to have Mr. Rabasa's share his insight on such an engaging and provocative novel. And we look forward to readers interacting with his comments and discovering how, with Copia, the future of the book is exponential."

Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb, published last month, has drawn comparisons to Confederacy of Dunces and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Minneapolis Star Tribune said it "moves from zippy fiction to tale of obsession. Which is finally what Rabasa has written -- a horror story that won't let you sleep." And Publisher's Weekly said "Rabasa's clever mix of the absurd and the tragic...maintains a playful cleverness throughout, fueled by piquant dialogue and sharply etched characters."

"We applaud Unbridled Books and George Rabasa for working with us on this project. They clearly love books and innovation, and so do we," said Seth Kaufman, Copia's VP of Merchandising and Marketing. "We encourage authors and publishers to use our annotation tools to bring new meaning and increased value to their books."

The Miss Entropia link is http://www.thecopia.com/catalog/details.html?catId=8665776 

For tweets, use http://tinyurl.com/4yq93gr  Users must click the "Buy this Book" button to ensure they receive their free download.

Visit www.thecopia.com to learn more.

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