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CES Announcement

Motorola to Feature Copia on Droid X Smartphone

Social eReading Platform Connects Readers Anywhere, Anytime 

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 6, 2011  –  Today, Copia - the social e-reading experience - announced that Motorola will feature Copia’s Android application on its best-selling Droid X Smartphone this week in Las Vegas at CES 2011.  

Copia is a groundbreaking social eReading platform that combines content, community and commerce, where readers – regardless of location and on multiple devices - can share thoughts in the margins of their ebooks, highlight and archive important or moving passages, recommend books to their community and meet new people based on their reading habits. 

"Companies are trying to capture market space in the eReading phenomenon, and while hardware devices give consumers reading capabilities, being able bring people together in the reading experience is the future of eReading," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia. "Motorola is one of a small handful of companies that are ahead of the curve in the eReading space, and the Droid X's high-res, high-speed smart phone coupled with Copia’s innovative social eReading experience will change how people consume and share books."

Copia is available on a wide range of digital devices, to include Macs, PCs, iPads and other tablets and smart phones. Visit TheCopia.com to learn more, tour Copia features at http://www.thecopia.com/about/tour.html and visit Copia at CES, Booth 9828. 

Read better. Together.

About Copia Interactive, LLC

Copia (http://www.theCopia.com.) is a social media and content delivery platform that brings together content, community and commerce to create an environment where users collaborate, socialize and buy content.  Copia is accessible across a broad array of digital devices and platforms including Mac, PC, Android, notebooks, netbooks, iPads, slates, smart phones and eReaders.  Copia OEM solutions are available for partners who want to benefit from the value of Copia's social commerce engine.  Copia Interactive, LLC is a DMC Capital Funding, LLC portfolio company (http://www.DMCCapitalFunding.com).


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