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Press Release

COPIA: Read With Your Friends Any Place, Any Time

COPIA to Tout Inline Social Reading Platform
First Live Demo of Federated Social E-Reading Experience

Silicon Valley, CA, US – September 14, 2010  –  DEMO 2010, Booth #68 September 14, 2010 – COPIA (www.thecopia.com), the first social, e-Reading experience that combines content, community, collaboration and e-commerce, today announced they will be presenting for the first time its Inline Social Reading (ISR) features via cloud synchronization with a live, real-time reading demonstration of its shared reading capabilities at DEMO.

The demonstration will be on Wednesday, September 15 at 10:59 a.m. PDT.

Through ISR COPIA users, regardless of the digital device, can/will stay connected with friends, continue discussing a book and leave annotations for future references. Additionally, users will be able to store and organize their shared notes and annotations within personal notebooks on the COPIA platform. At DEMO, COPIA will be taking its social e-Reading experience live with readers from across the nation engaging in conversation about a specific book, page and passage.

"From a laptop, to a tablet, to an e-Reader, we live in a digital age where consumers are on three to four different types of digital devices a day. COPIA's presentation at DEMO will be the first time we show how regardless of the device, through its inline social reading experience, COPIA allows readers to always be plugged into their e-book and community," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President, COPIA.. "The key to the COPIA experience is the breaking down of today's static e-Reading experience, making the act of reading a dynamic, socially engaging one.  We will demonstrate for the first time its social e-Reading capabilities in real-time."

The COPIA platform is a hardware agnostic solution for consumers of all ages to experience a completely new way to discover, enjoy, share and purchase books, newspapers, magazines and a wide variety of digital content. The COPIA platform is accessible across all digital touch-points including e-Readers, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. The COPIA platform is in private beta and is scheduled to launch with a browser solution, iPad app and PC/Mac application, adding iPhone, BlackBerry and Android apps in the fourth quarter.

"In addition to selling content directly from the platform, COPIA provides users with numerous proprietary tools and features that deliver an experience far beyond the transaction of the content," Lowinger said. "Our social features connect people to each other around content they have in common, allows users to interact and collaborate with each other while they are reading and provides the ability to get recommendations from people you know, enabling users to make more relevant and informed purchasing decisions for all of their digital content including books, articles, music or videos."

For more information on the COPIA platform please visit www.thecopia.com/press.

About Copia Interactive, LLC

COPIA is an independent company and part of the DMC Worldwide family of companies.  COPIA is a social media and content delivery platform that brings together content, community and commerce to create an environment where users collaborate, socialize and buy content that is important to them.  COPIA is the first social reading platform that is entirely community driven.  COPIA is accessible across all digital devices and platforms including Mac, PC, Android, notebooks, netbooks, Pads, slates, smartphones and eReaders.  COPIA OEM solutions are available for partners who want to benefit from the value of COPIA's social commerce engine.  For more information please visit http://www.thecopia.com.

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