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Copia iPad App Allows Book Clubs to Go Digital

Any time, any place, readers can share and discuss books

New York, NY, US – December 7, 2010  –  For those who are already members of book clubs, the experience of reading just got even more social, interactive and digital. Now through Copia, the first social e-Reading experience that combines content, community and e-commerce, book clubs have gone virtual, allowing members to read each others thoughts in the margins of their e-book and create discussions online about the books they are reading.

With hundreds of thousands of books available for direct purchase, Copia makes reading an interactive experience. Regardless of location, readers can share thoughts, highlight important or moving passages, recommend books, and engage with their peers and community in a new and meaningful digital manner. 

'Copia is taking old fashion book clubs and making them an online, virtual platform that allows readers to interact with people reading the same book regardless of location," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President, Copia.  "The explosive growth of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare, proves beyond a doubt that people love to share their thoughts, actions and beliefs. Copia is the first all-in-one platform that mixes the power of e-reading with social networking."

Copia's free downloadable applications empower anyone with an iPad, Mac or PC to buy books and share their thoughts about those books across all social networks.  Unlike most other e-readers, Copia allows consumers to move their books from device to device and pick up where they left off. While currently available on PCs and iPads, Copia will be accessible on a wide range of digital devices in the near future, including Android, Windows Phone 7, as well as several future tablets and digital devices.

About Copia Interactive, LLC

COPIA is an independent company and part of the DMC Worldwide family of companies.  COPIA is a social media and content delivery platform that brings together content, community and commerce to create an environment where users collaborate, socialize and buy content that is important to them.  COPIA is the first social reading platform that is entirely community driven.  COPIA will be accessible across all digital devices and platforms including Mac, PC, Android, notebooks, netbooks, Pads, slates, smartphones and eReaders.  COPIA OEM solutions are available for partners who want to benefit from the value of COPIA's social commerce engine.  For more information please visit http://www.thecopia.com.


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