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Copia Social eReading Platform Goes Live

Experience the World’s First Truly Social eReading Platform at TheCopia.com

New York, NY, US – November 22, 2010  –  What if you could open a book and notes from a trusted friend, colleague, professor or even the author, fell from the pages? Part online bookstore, part social network, Copia brings the social experience to the margin of your book.

In contrast to other platforms that simply provide static book and reader information, Copia is a full service social eReading platform that delivers an immersive and engaging experience for users that extends well beyond the transaction based ecommerce sites available in the market today. Copia helps users connect to friends who share common interests and enables real-time discussions inside the pages of their books.

"Some of the most exciting advancements over the past decade have come when a technology redefines an experience people thought they already understood very well," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive. “We believe the launch of Copia is one of those moments.  Copia embeds community and collaboration directly into the digital experience across multiple content categories."

Copia users can create a library of every book they have ever read, purchase digital eBooks, take notes and highlight passages as they read, as well as organize and share these notes.  Users can also invite their book clubs, study groups, Facebook, Twitter and Copia friends to share in their digital reading experience. 

"The first time a Copia user is puzzled by a passage then finds an insightful comment left in the margin by another Copia user, they’re hooked," said Lowinger. "If a book is worth reading, it’s worth talking about.  Copia is an easy to use, powerful and refreshing twist on reading." 

The power of Copia comes from sharing comments and engaging fellow readers in discussions. Soon available on most popular mobile devices, Copia also caters to your friends who still prefer curling up with a physical book by allowing them to join a group or conversation, a feature that is absent from other popular eReading options.

"Netflix and Amazon are on to something with their recommendation engines—mechanized results suggesting 'what to enjoy next?'" said Lowinger. "Copia personalizes recommendations by sharing with you the opinion of the people you care about, mirroring the feeling of perusing a book shelf with friends."

Copia's intuitive and personal features help readers find and connect with friends in new and meaningful ways:

  • Community Value Scoring - Like a Wine Spectator rating for books, community ratings help readers find their next favorite book. At a glance, Copia users can tell how interesting a book or piece of content is to the Copia community, spotlighting the most talked about, highlighted and annotated items in the Copia library.
  • Library Compare - Scan the library of your friends and other Copia users to find the favorite books you have in common.  Library Compare virtually recreates the moment when the person sitting next to you on a plane opens your favorite book and you strike up a great conversation.
  • Collaboration - Imagine the ability to reference the notes of the smartest student in class.  Study groups can use Copia's groups, discussions and note taking features to empower their group reading experience.  Users can access annotations from their community, redefining social reading and bringing a new level of crowd sourcing to education.
  • Note Collections & Publishing - Read a friend's views on a passage or leave your own insights for the next reader.  Copia users can organize and share enlightening notes that can help shape the reading experience of thousands of future readers.
  • Book Clubs Re-Envisioned - Users can create book clubs to discuss and share reading experiences. Users can also set individual or group reading goals, create milestones, and set challenges among friends. 
  • What's Next? - Newspapers, magazines, music, video and your favorite mobile devices including slates, netbooks, Windows 7 Phone and Android devices, all powered by Copia. 

Available now for Mac, PC and iPad, visit TheCopia.com to learn more, or tour Copia features at http://www.theCopia.com/about/whatisCopia.html.

Read Better. Together.

About Copia Interactive, LLC

Copia is part of the DMC group of companies.  Copia is a social media and content delivery platform that brings together content, community and commerce to create an environment where users collaborate, socialize and buy content.  Copia will be accessible across a broad array of digital devices and platforms including Mac, PC, Android, notebooks, netbooks, iPads, slates, smartphones and eReaders.  Copia OEM solutions are available for partners who want to benefit from the value of Copia's social commerce engine.  For more information please visit http://www.theCopia.com.


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