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New York City, NY, US – May 5, 2009 – Cocoon Innovations, LLC announces announces the launch of their online store featuring an innovative line of organizers, computer bags, cases, totes and messenger bags designed specifically to provide organization solutions for today's digital lifestyle. Following a wildly successful introduction in January at CES, Cocoon’s full range of products, which offer an intelligent, functional design, is now available for purchase at the company store www.cocooninnovations.com and www.notjustanotherprettybag.com.

"To avoid being 'just another bag,' our design strategy had to overcome two primary objectives; solve the organization problem that exists in the bag and case category and provide consumers with a fresh and fashion forward approach to design, materials and color.  With each Cocoon bag, we have seamlessly married stylish design with functional purpose," says Ben Lowinger, President/Creative Director. "GRID-IT!, our innovative organization system and its outer 'cocoon' design structure simultaneously protects and organizes precious digital devices and personal items while still allowing the consumer to utilize the full features devices have to offer. Cocoon is not just another bag, it is the most organization friendly bag available in the market today."

Cocoon products, which include airport friendly (checkpoint-friendly) models, are an ideal solution for business travelers, students, busy moms, traveling tourists, and everyday tech junkies, protecting and organizing everything from iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry's, cameras, and mobile phones to personal objects and household items. Each bag and case is designed with an organic shape, which serves as a protective shell to safely transport your virtual cargo. The interior of each bag features GRID-IT!, a proprietary, patent pending organization system made up of a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands that acts as an object retention system. GRID-IT! offers endless configuration possibilities and keeps digital devises and personal items secure and organized when moving from place to place.

Cocoon's design language and style provides consumers with a superior functioning bag that is highly stylized at the same time. Wrapped up in their Cocoon, today’s precious personal cargo is good to go.

Cocoon products are available exclusively at www.notjustanotherprettybag.com OR www.cocooninnovations.com.

About Cocoon Innovations

Cocoon Innovations, LLC was launched to innovate personal storage and organization for the digital world. Whether organizing digital devices, school supplies, or personal items, Cocoon offers a wide variety of products to address every need. The principles of Cocoon have a long history in the consumer electronics arena and have been designing, developing and distributing award winning products for the last three decades. GRID-IT™ is a trademark of Orange22 Design Labs, LLC.
GRID-IT is used under exclusive license from Orange22 Design Labs, LLC.  All rights reserved.