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Xact Technology Delivers Portable GPS Tracking Device to the Power Sports Vehicle Market

XACT | TRAX Demonstrated on Rare Ducati Desmodici RR at the International CES in Las Vegas

New York City, NY, US – January 20, 2009 – According to Sport Rider Magazine, there are upwards of 100,000 motorcycles stolen every year in the United States.  These highly prized possessions, of which the Ducati Desomodici, RR is a perfect example, have a value to their owners that goes beyond just their purchase price.  They represent a culture, a lifestyle and their owners’ personalities in a very rare way.  Given the importance of these vehicles to their owners, the search for the most effective and unobtrusive protection devices is always a key priority. 

Xact Technology™, LLC announced XACT | TRAX, a new patent pending GPS portable tracking device adapted particularly for power sports enthusiasts.

“As we demonstrated with the incredible Ducati Desmodici RR at the International CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, the XACT | TRAX is uniquely designed to inconspicuously help motorcycle owners and other power sports lovers protect their vehicles,” said William Acevedo, vice president of product development, Xact Technology. Acevedo added, “Some of the truly unique features that XACT | TRAX brings to riders include a secure and comprehensive rider safety system which will alert multiple parties of an accident.  The XACT | TRAX even provides notification of a tip-over or tampering of a motorcycle within the geo-fence and can also protect a rider’s protective gear or property.

Users simply register the device at the online portal to receive the benefit of automatic “geo fences” establishing a protective perimeter around their prized machines. Then, if the vehicle somehow leaves that perimeter, XACT | TRAX sends the appropriate messages to a phone, blackberry or via email to alert the owner.  More importantly, if the bike is stolen, XACT |TRAX can provide the current location of the bike and status of the tracking device.

XACT | TRAX’s secure, proprietary web portal is a user-friendly dashboard for the management of features and preferences like setting “geo-fences,” emergency contacts and alerts.  Location requests are initiated either on the web portal or can be sent and received via text message from any mobile phone.  Location results are displayed via the web portal on an easy to read map, providing the physical address, date and time and other critical information.   Most importantly, XACT | TRAX does not require a monthly subscription or contract for service.

Xact is currently working with several insurance providers to offer lower rates on theft insurance to riders who purchase and install an XACT | TRAX on their power sports vehicles.  Additionally, Xact Technology has also begun meeting with local, regional and national law enforcement agencies to demonstrate the technological applications of XACT | TRAX and to familiarize them with the device to assist in property recovery activities.  

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