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Xact Technology Launches XACT|TRAX Portable GPS Tracking Device with NO subscription required at 2009 CES

Have Piece of Mind all of the time with XACT|TRAX – an easy and affordable way to locate and protect property, pets and loved ones.

New York City, NY, US – January 6, 2009 –  Incorporating an easy and affordable global positioning technology into personal lives has been an unrealized promise. That is, until now. Xact Technology, LLC., a leading provider of consumer electronics products announced the launch of XACT|TRAX – a portable (GPS) personal tracking device (PTD) designed to provide the location of loved ones, pets, property and assets, anytime anywhere in the world with no subscription required. The XACT|TRAX is an ideal solution for parents, property owners and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Utilizing a proprietary easy to use web based portal, XACT provides a user-friendly dashboard for easy management of features and preferences like setting geo-fences and managing emergency contact lists and alerts. Location requests are initiated either on the web portal or can be sent and received via txt message from any mobile phone. Location results are provided on a convenient and easy to read map, providing the physical address along date and time data and a robust suite of additional features.

"Parents can place an XACT|TRAX personal tracking device in their child's backpack or even clip it on their belt.  Using the 'geo fence' option, moms and dads can know if their child strays away from home after school, or off school property during the day," said William Acevedo, VP of Product Development, Xact Technology. "For example, if I want to know when my child gets home from school, I can set a recurring schedule for a daily notification at 3:30pm  and set a geographical boundary (geo-fence) at 100 feet from my home address. Then, as the locator enters the set perimeter, I'll receive an automatic SMS (text) notifying me that the device and my child has entered the area and my child is home safe."

Acevedo continued, "For many years the government, military and major corporations have utilized GPS technology to keep track of people, objects and vehicles. However, the capabilities have been cost prohibitive for personal use. Now, thanks to our proprietary solutions, users can keep track of their children, pets and possessions from anywhere in the world."

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XACT Technology, LLC (XACT), is a full-service provider of groundbreaking consumer electronics products with a seamless, vertically integrated infrastructure created to manage the product supply chain from design planning to consumer purchase — including development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, merchandising, sales and customer support.

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