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DMC Delivers Global Market Expansion Solutions to Product Manufacturers

Las Vegas, January 7, 2008 - International manufacturers are often forced to make a critical decision to get their products to markets; either become a third-party manufacturer of someone else's brand, or spend millions of dollars and take years to develop their own brands. Most manufacturers in developing countries choose the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) route as a way to generate predictable, steady streams of revenue.

These same companies can easily develop their own products, create their own brands, and build long-term intrinsic value in their companies by working with a newly formed supply chain management and brand development company called Distribution Management Consolidators, LLC (DMC).

DMC was created as a vehicle to even the playing field for manufacturers looking to leverage their capabilities, resources and acumen. It helps them to create new business units within their companies without assuming the financial risks normally associated with an international growth plan.

The company offers a turnkey, vertically integrated solution to OEMs and ODMs to execute a broad reaching growth strategy by leveraging their valuable manufacturing and production expertise beyond their current contract relationships. Working with DMC allows these companies to develop a hybrid manufacturing model. This new business structure allows them to focus on their current contractual obligations, while building out their businesses and taking advantage of DMC's experience, relationships and financial resources.

"Our management team has more than 50 years of experience working to design, develop, market and sell effectively on behalf of consumer product manufacturers. DMC is unique in our ability to work with companies that have established successful businesses and are looking to penetrate markets beyond their current footprint in a way that speeds their time to market and decreases their capital investment and overall risk," said Andrew Lowinger, founder and chief executive officer of DMC.

"For international manufacturers looking to break into the North American and Latin American market, the hybrid model allows them to create new product lines which do not compete with their core OEM/ODM contracts and will develop long term value for our partners," said Mr. Lowinger.

DMC's management team is responsible for more than $3 billion in consumer product sales and bringing more than 100 million units to market. The team has worked with major companies to leverage their brands into consumer-facing products that have become best-in-class sellers.

Mr. Lowinger continued, "Until recently, we utilized our powerful infrastructure exclusively for our own business ventures. The DMC platform leverages this experience on behalf of companies in China, Europe, South East Asia and other regions that have the ability to produce high-quality goods but do not have the sales channels or supply chain in place to sell effectively to Americans."

DMC is an independently funded, private company. The company is able to supply initial, bridge or other financing strategies to its partners, where needed, and can invest directly in its partners' businesses to ensure the success of the business. The ability of DMC to bring financing to its partners can greatly accelerate that company's growth while freeing management to focus on their core competency.

DMC will have a major presence at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, taking place January 7-10 at booth Central 9817. At the show, DMC will highlight its unique sales channel development and supply chain management capabilities. Mr. Lowinger and the DMC management team will be available to meet with international manufacturers looking to develop a U.S.-focused product distribution mechanism.

About Distribution Management Consolidators, LLC
Distribution Management Consolidators, LLC (DMC) is an integrated sales channel development and supply chain management company that delivers innovative end-to-end business solutions to its clients. The company brings over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing and brand development to help best-in-class and emerging companies become powerful competitors in the global marketplace. Through a hybrid manufacturing business model, DMC works with international product manufacturers to leverage their core manufacturing expertise and successfully penetrate the North American and Latin American marketplace. For more information, please visit www.dmcllc.net.

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